27 | 08 | 2016
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SimUser Closure

A brief note to let you know that SimUser website will be closing very soon.

We will be cleaning and removing access to the forum and website, as well as any other associated services.

It has been a long and great experience to serve you all, specially our sponsors and of course our most loved ones, the engineers that continue to work hard every day.

While initially the email list and later on the forums and web site have been the support for our small community, times have changed, and we are continually looking into new ways to deliver new ideas and methods to inform and support our group of engineers.

In any of the previous ways and for any on the future, it is essential the support and contribution of the users.

My gratitude to those who helps us to take off in the past, and those who contributed along the way.

I am sure we will all find a way in the near future to continue the original idea and continue the support.

Thanks - SimUser admin and team.